Monday, July 25, 2016

Meeting Notes

Garage Sale August 25-27. Drop off August 23&24. All proceeds to our Kiwanis Club. 

All Play is on break. Watch their website for volunteer information. 

Kiwanis picnic is September 18 at Kip's. Watch for more details 

Reading at Sacred Heart sign up coming up. Check in with Dale for child protection training. 

Consider Teammates for the fall!

Speaker: the expert company

Aerobic precision manure management.  

Controls smell, runoff and water issues 

Adding oxygen to manure pits adds to crop production by adding nitrogen to the fertilizer. 

They also expose more of the water to sunlight. 

Dominate the pond with good microbial bacteria and use nature to purify the pond. Take that and apply to the fields. 

Kerwin Miller with “The Expert Company” regarding Environmental Solutions for Agriculture. 

Thanks for educating our Kiwanis club on aerobic farm lagoon management.  

Monday, July 18, 2016

Meeting Notes

Revising your email for the Kiwanis video. Please pass along to others. 

Have a few Kiwanis tshirts left. See Rod.  

Board meeting tomorrow at Don's office. 

Elections next week. 

Sunday. September 18 for summer picnic. At Kip's home on the lake. 

Kip is getting his head shaved for pediatric cancer. Please see Kip's email for donation link. 

Sacred Heart school will be starting in August. Looking forward to more interaction opportunities for the kids. 


Alan with The Maschhoffs Farms

Approximately 800 family farms with 6 feed mills. 69% pork and 31% chicken.  Largest family owned pork producers in the US. 

Maschhoffs makes a partnership with farmers to raise their hogs and chickens.  

About 13% of the Wean-to-Market is produced in Nebraska. They are looking to grow those relationships in Nebraska. 

Thanks Alan for the information about feeding pigs. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July Speaker Schedule

Eddie gave us this excellent speaker schedule for July. Plan on attending and bring a guest.


Ashley Mick, with “We Support Agriculture”


Alan Stephens with The Maschhoffs-Progressive Farming. Family Style.


Kerwin Miller with “The Expert Company” regarding Environmental Solutions for Agriculture

Monday, June 27, 2016

Speaker: Zika Virus

Justin Frederick

Douglas County Health Department
Communicable Disease and Epidemiology

The Zika virus was first identified in 1947. The current outbreak in Brazil also affects  Central America, and the Caribbean. 

Mosquitos transmit the virus. But sexual transmission has been identified.  

The US has not had transmission issue yet. A few traveler cases have been found in the US. 

Symptoms include a rash, fever and pink eye. Very generic symptoms. Paralysis may occur. And only 1 in 5 people exhibit symptoms. 

The outbreak takes 7 days incubation, then 7 days of symptom. Males can carry and transmit. 

Biggest concern is for babies in uterine. 

Thank you Justin for all the Zika information. 

Meeting Notes

All Play ended the first half of their season. Watch for next seasons schedule. 

Board meeting coming. Watch for details. 

 John Hartwell next president. Deb Rost president elect. Full election ballot coming soon. 

Tentative dates for garage sale in August discussed.  Sally house is the location.  More details to come. 

No meeting next week. Happy Fourth of July!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Speaker: Special Olympics

Thank you Maggie Stryson and David Demyan for the information about the Special Olympics.

We appreciate the opportunity to participate every year in this worthy event.

Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha

Thursday, June 16, 2016

June Speaker Schedule

June 20

Maggie Stryson and David Demyan

Special Olympics

June 27

Justin Frederick

Douglas County Health Department
Communicable Disease and Epidemiology

Topic: Zika Virus

Monday, June 13, 2016

Speaker: Children Hospital

Beth came to speak to us about Children's Hospital.  

Children's hospital started in 1948 when Mrs Henry Doorly was checking out of the hospital when a family was trying to check their child in for treatment for polio but didn't have the $5. She went home and organized her husband to help raise the money for a Children's Hospital.  

Children's is working on having services around the Nebraska area. 

There is a level 4 NICU on 2 floors at Methodist. These babies come from other hospitals for care.  Parents have the Carolyn Scott Rainbow House available for stay. 

The new 9 story tower and parking garage is being built. Home to the Level 4 NICU plus heart and other critical care units. 

Children's has set new bars of excellence. Including emergency Level I, safe rooms, grow 50% in employees, etc. Doubling their economic impact to the Omaha community. About $400 M project. Opening 2020. 

Thank you Beth for all the valuable information.