Monday, May 2, 2016

Speaker: Honor Flights

Patriotic Production Bill William

Multiple flights have been arranged for veterans to DC and other flights. 

The next trip is for Vietnam veterans. Over 700 applied. There are 3 planes of 500 Nebraska vets. 

June 6 is the day. The vets land at 9:30 at Eppley. The public is invited to greet them home. 

The wives also spend a day in Nebraska at lunch with the First Lady in Lincoln.  

Another event - Remembering Our Fallen - invited 23 widows and children to the camp in Ashland. The kids were taken to activities. The women had a catered dinner and spa night. A full day of remembrances the next day. 

California- Remember Our Fallen- is a the Regan Library. 

Mark your calendars.

May 12 sacred heart zoo trip. 

May 19 casual dinner at Farmer Browns 

May 20 Special Olympics (see Vince)

May 21 All Play - our club date to volunteer 

Monday, April 25, 2016

May Speaker Calendar

May 2     
Bill Williams/ Patriotic Productions Honor Flights

May 9     
Jeff Niebaum, Better Business Bureau

May 16   
David Arnold, Straight Shot Technology Start-up Accelerator

May 23   
Nathan Morgan, United Methodist Ministries “Big Garden”

May 30    
No Meeting - Happy Memorial Day!
 Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha

Speaker: Jail Ministry

Merlyn Klaus is our speaker from the Jail and Prison Ministry. 

After 25 years at Channel 6 in Omaha, Merlyn followed his calling. In 2004, he started in Seminary. He graduated in 2009. Since he is with both the Jail Ministry and at Salem Baptist Church. 

The cost of housing prisoners is raising. Over $30k per year per prisoner at costs for Nebraska and Iowa over $400 million annually. 

The Ministry is looking for volunteers to run Bible studies and work with inmates. The process takes months to pass background checks and training.  

Contact information:

Thanks, Merlyn, for the interesting information. 

             Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha

Meeting Notes - Check The Dates!!!

Giving $100 to Jesuit Academy as our April contribution. 

Looking to fill officers. John Hartwell is president elect. Jerry will continue as treasurer. Kip will continue as secretary. Three board at large positions are open. These are 2 year terms. 

Tshirts available for $15. 

Thurs, May 19 dinner. 

Friday, May 20 Special Olympics

Saturday, May 21 All Play 

Sacred Heart Zoo trip May 12. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Yard Clean Up

Since 2011, our Kiwanis Club has helped a disabled gentleman with his yard maintenance.

Deb organized volunteers last Saturday for spring cleanup.

There were 6 volunteers: Deb and her husband Eric, Rod, Bill, Sally and her son Nick.

Combined effort produced a clean roof, gutters cleared, air conditioner cleaned, and sticks, leaves and yard mowed, racked and cleared.

Robert appreciated the effort!

But, for those that missed the story - we also had a bit of a plumbing mishap. The hose coupler on the house broke off. With many calls, Deb found a plumber to cap off the pipe and restore the water service. Donations welcome to help our Kiwanis club recoup the cost! Thanks.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Speaker: Ms Czech-Slovak US

Meagan Kurmel – Miss Czech-Slovak US 2015-16

Meagan was crowned in Wilber, Czech capital of the US. 

She has traveled around the US.  Meeting people, attending parades, and representing the Czech community. 

Meagan likes to mentor young girls to embrace their heritage. Meagan had a little sister for Wilber Days. 

Girls can compete from ages 16-26. There were 10 ladies competed for Ms Nebraska. There are 9 pageants across the US. 

If you know any young ladies interested please contact Jack and he'll connect you with Meagan! Or contact Meagan on social media. 

Meeting Notes and Reminders

Full attendance today !!!

Yard cleanup for Robert - done this since 2011 - on Saturday. Many, many bags of yard waste at the curb.

May is a busy volunteering month:

Sacred Heart reading getting done. Last reading is May 6. See Dale! 

Sacred Heart Zoo trip on May 12

May 21 is our All Play Saturday. Sign up on their website.  (Sign up early! Background check is done.) Buddy times start about 9. 

Meet for dinner, Thursday May 19 at Farmer Browns. Order from menu. RSVP with Bill.  

Sign up for Special Olympics with Vince. May 20.

T-shirts for Kiwanis on sale for $15.

We also bought white  t-shirts and fabric paint for the Sacred Heart kids! Can't wait to see how they decorate their shirts for the zoo trip!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April Speakers

April 18                 Meagan Kurmel – Miss Czech-Slovak US 2015-16

April 25                 Merlyn Klaus – Good News Jail & Prison Ministry

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Meeting Notes: Yard Clean Up Tomorrow & Mark Your Calendars!

Yard Clean Up

Tomorrow! April 16

Saturday Deb asked for volunteers to help out clean up a gentleman's lawn, gutters, and branches that have fallen down.  This will start at 9:30 at 40th & Laurel.  Contact Deb, Rod or Bill if you can make it to help out this disabled man.  We helped him last year and ended up having over 40+ bags of yard waste to be picked up.  This is a way to serve our community.

Dinner Party 

May 19th 
Farmer Browns 

Cocktails 6:30 
Dinner     7:00

Each person can order off the menu and will be responsible to pay for their drinks and dinner.  

RSVP with Bill by next Monday

Special Olympics

May 20th we will host the high jump again at the Special Olympics.  

Sacred Heart to the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo

May 12th from 10-12:00+.