Monday, March 30, 2015

Calendar Items

April 11. All Play All Kiwanis Clean Up

April 18. Highway Clean up

May 7 Thursday   
Zoo Trip with Sacred Heart kids. Meet at the zoo main gate 10:00 or 930 at Sacred Heart to ride the bus - bring your zoo passes!

May 22. Special Olympics

May 23. Kiwanis 100 year anniversary 

Lyle Japp obituary was shared. Services are this Thursday April 2, 11:00 at Brookside Church, 11607 M Circle. Headcount requested for lunch following. 

All Play will start in May. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sacred Heart Zoo Trip

On May 7th (Thursday) from 10-12:30pm we will be escorting Sacred Heart students on their zoo field trip. Sign up to volulnteer with Greg.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

March Speaker Calendar

March Greater Omaha Kiwanis Speaker Calendar

1. Tim Schmad, President                                  ‘Our’ Omaha Community Playhouse                       23 March
2. Mary Crosby, Exec. Director                        Bethlehem House                                                           30 March

Remember that today is a great time to invite a guest to your Monday Kiwanis meeting! 

March is a strong speaker schedule and a great time to bring a guest to your Kiwanis meeting! 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pack Your Social Calendar with Don!

Friday, March 27
Holy Name 
Contact Don for meeting up 

Saturday, March 28
Sacred Heart Fundraiser 
$125 a plate
Contact Don to coordinate our Kiwanis table

Monday, March 16, 2015

Omaha Keep Kids Alive Drive 25

The national campaign , Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 started in Omaha over 17 years ago. 

Tom Everson, President is our speaker today.   

FiFirst step is trying to be part of the solution. 29% of accidents are from lack of space management. This is driven by the use of cell phones. Cell phone use is distracting, creates tunnel vision and causes accidents. 

Signage and garbage can stickers help with community awareness and documented studies show speeds reduce. 

April 18 is the walk/run to honor people injured in traffic accidents. Happens on Omaha on the Papio trail. 

Live Forward and Run to Remember. A run that Tom participates in that runs to the top of Pikes Peak. 

Thanks Tom for the great info. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Kiwanis One Day at All Play

Kiwanis One Day at All Play

Monday, March 9, 2015

Greater Omaha Kiwanis Club Officers


Officers and Directors

Greater Omaha Kiwanis Club

President............. Jack Pagel
Vice President.... Rob Muench
Secretary............. Kip Squire
Treasurer............. Jerry Coleman


One Year Term
Chris Farris, Shawn Linehan, Open

Two Year Term
John Hartwell, Don Kluthe, Vince Pille

Former Presidents (Still Members)

Eddie Biwer                    
Greg Carlson
Joel Christensen
Jerry Coleman
Stu Ellison
Brian Farris
Jack Frost
Joe Grier
Alan Hardt
Dale Kaisershot
Mike Knauss
Rob Muench
Deb Rost
Bill Spiecker
Kip Squire

Speaker: Col Jerome Stolinski

Col Jerome Stolinski, PE, US ACOE            Iraq Tour of Duty (then and now)          

Jerome started in 1978 and retired after 33 years of service. As an engineer, he worked on Iraqi reconstruction for over 6 million people to deliver essential services. 

Baghdad is about the size and population of Chicago. There was no infrastructure in water, sewer, electricity in the area. 

Biggest issue was government and neighborhood buy in to manage and maintain the infrastructure. Many times a project would be turned over and then looting would happen. 


Meeting Notes from Jack Pagel

Meeting Notes and Calendar Reminders: 

March 28
Sacred Heart Fundraiser 
$125 a plate
Contact Don to coordinate Kiwanis table

Fish Fry
Friday, March 27
Holy Name 
Contact Don for meeting up 

April 23 
Champion Club
100 Year Anniversary 
$28, all included

April 11 
One Day for All Play Clean Up 
$5 (includes lunch)
RSVP with Jack. 

Our Kiwanis Board has voted to sponsor a team! The cost is $500. 

We are sponsoring 2 summer campers. 

UNO scholarship money has been transferred to that fund. 

Kip is our new secretary. 

Watch for Special Olympics in the spring. 

3 more Sacred Heart reading sessions remain for this year. 

Highway clean up coming soon. Joe reported lots of trash in the ditches but there is still snow in the shadows. 

Field trip for Sacred Heart students to tour the UNO Kiewit Center.  From 10:00-12:00 on April 14 is tentatively scheduled. (Rob will confirm!)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

March Speaker Calendar

1. Sister Kay O’Brien - RSM                               Sisters of mercy 150 year Anniversary                    2 March
2. Col Jerome Stolinski, PE, US ACOE            Iraq Tour of Duty (then and now)                             9 March
3. Tom Everson, President                                Keep Kids Alive Drive 25                                                16 March
4. Tim Schmad, President                                  ‘Our’ Omaha Community Playhouse                       23 March
5. Mary Crosby, Exec. Director                        Bethlehem House                                                           30 March

Thanks to Jon Hartwell for another excellent Kiwanis Speaker Schedule!