Thursday, August 27, 2015

Plan on Monday!!!

Bucky is our premier Kiwanis speaker liner-upper... 

Come Monday, 8/31 to hear  UNMC Professor Joe Vetro.

The New World of Nano Technology

Bring a guest for this interesting talk.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Speaker: Betsy Flood, UNMC Biocontainment Unit

Elizabeth Flood, RN, BSN, CPEN

The Nebraska Biocontainment Unit at UNMC in Omaha

Why Nebaska?

Began in 2005 with various news stories about SARS and monkey flu. It's a partnership with UNMC and the state of Nebraska.  

The unit is isolated by entrances and elevators. The changing rooms have garments from under wear to scrubs. Air handling is separate. And waste disposal.  Linens are the discards from the hospital, dyed blue, and burned after use. 

How contagious? And how to isolate?

Ebola is not as contagious as other diseases but is generally deadly. 

Ebola is contagious when symptoms are present. And fluids remain contagious after death. 

Ebola vaccine is showing promise. The virus has not been as prevalent in Africa. 

New Kiwanis Member!

Say hello to our newest member, Wes Cole, to our Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha. 

Welcome, Wes. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Speaker: Howard E Gendelman,MD

Dr Gendelman started school to become a spy. He studied Russian in school. He went on to work in Isreal. 

He then became a Doctor. But after a time he began to study neuroscience at John Hopkins. He finished his education as part of the Army. He spent many years  in the chemical warfare area. 

Before his retirement, he spent time in Dessert Storm. Once he retired he returned to NYC but was recruited to Omaha. 

He moved to Omaha in 1991. 

Dr Gendelman began working in Alzheimer's, MS and Parkinson's disease research. In NE, we live statistically 8 years longer than people that live on NYC. Because we live longer we are experiencing more of these diseases. 

The double blind research study is just completing and getting ready for publication.  It's taken 16 years to research, test and human test through the FDA to find a treatment for these diseases. 

In the next few months the study will be fully released and we will be very excited to see the full results. 

Thank you, Dr Gendelman for the education on these diseases. 

All Play

Sign up for All Play - it's our weekend with Westside Kiwanis !! 

Go Rockies

Sign up at AllPlay website. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Upcoming Speakers

Aug 24 

Ebola department from UNMC is coming to speak.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Speaker: Jack Pagel

Jack Pagel brought his notes from the Kiwanis Convention last weekend. Thanks, Jack, for sharing your Kiwanis experinece!

Here are his notes:

District Foundation – Grants
Community Development projects – playgrounds, habitat house, Miller Park Dictionary project

Dewey Smith - Int’l Trustee
Membership growth: I-Plan –It’s Up to Me

4 points:

  1. Inspiration
  2. Impact – signature project
  3. Image – wear something, look the part
  4. Investment – time, talent, money
Gayle Becwar – magician (childhood)
MAGIC: Magic Aspects of Growth In Children ---- LIFE: Learning Is For Everyone
Find magic in the mundane
Seek out magic in everything
Be in the present
Open your mind to more magic
Green: get going in life - positive attitudes spread - hang around positive people
Red: infection spreads – no forward movement

Bill Michener – Lighthouse Afterschool Project (27 years)
Can’t be what you can’t see
Empty tool belt – fill it up
At risk doesn’t mean the kid – it means the behavior
Confidence: the ability to believe I can succeed
Touring: hopefully on GMA and Today later this week
Light bulbs all around Lincoln – fundraiser to be sold – local artist


Business Meeting Notes

Sacred Heart Reading 

Gearing up for back to school and Sacred Heart reading! 

Safe Environment training is required to volunteering with kids at a Catholic Church. Dale is working on private training session for our Kiwanis Club. 

Camp Okay
Jack will be taking over summer Camp Okay from Bob.  Bob served for 18 years. Thank Bob for his service!

Summer picnic + Kiwanis Officer Installation 
Picnic is coming up September 20. 3:00 at Stu and Marcia's home in Bennington. 

Sign up at the next meeting - $10 per person plus a side dish or dessert. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

August Kiwanis Speaker Schedule

Speaker : August 17

Howard Gendelman, MD

Margaret R. Larson Professor of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases
Chair, Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Neuroscience

Topic: Infectious disease and aging


Bucky is working on a speaker from the Ebola unit at UNMC. More details to follow.

Speaker : Robert Cryne

Iraq: The Neighborhood, Then and Now

Retired in 2014. And is now practicing law in Omaha and teaching at Bellevue University. 

Islam began in Saudi Arabia. 632 AD when The Prophet passed but not any of his sons survived to adulthood. This began the splits into sects. 
A great history lesson and how this impacts the geo-political matters in that area. 

Thank you for all the information.