Monday, March 27, 2017

Speaker: The Cloisters on the Platte

Joe Rickets spoke on his project, The Cloisters on the Platte.

Joe had been attending retreats in MN but decided he could bring a retreat center closer to Omaha. Joe brought in the Jesuits to run the religious program and retreats. 

Religion is based in Catholicism but not exclusive. There are men and woman weekends. The workshops are up to 80 participants.  

Retreats start Thursday with a reception and dinner. And runs all weekend.  

Retreats have started in other locations and The Cloisters opens in July 2018.

Sign up online to communicate your interest.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Speaker: Drive Spotter

Andrew Prystai and Selina spoke to our Kiwanis Club about the new software start-up, Drive Spotter.

Andrew is one of its founders and operations manager.

Drive Spotter is software designed for fleet vehicles, both in town and over the road, to improve driver safety.

Read the entire Drive Spotter story here if you missed this speaker. 

 Thank you for all the interesting information.

Kiwanis Club of Greater Omaha

Monday, March 20, 2017

Meeting Notes

Sacred Heart reading this Friday. Contact Dale. 

Zoo Trip coming in May. 

April 22, Saturday- All Play clean up weekend. More details coming. 

Highway Cleanup in process. Joe is looking at dates. 

Board Meeting tomorrow. At TD2. Noon. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Speaker: Equestrian Championship

Mike West, CEO of the Omaha Equestrian Foundation

Mike is a sports and event manager including the Omaha Equestrian Foundation, Cox Classic and CU athletic department. 

Omaha is known as an amateur sports event hub. Fan support is unprecedented. 

The Omaha Equestrian event is a multi day international, professional sporting event. This is the Olympic class athletes participating. 

Bringing the horses in was almost a million dollars. The horses need a passport. And blood test before they leave quarantine. 

Expo and shopping areas are free. Daily tickets are available. There is a fan friendly area specifically aimed to kids. 

March 29-April 2

The next city this will be held in is Paris. 

meeting notes

Camp Okay is underway for this summer. Jack is working with Nathan Hale to find a camper to sponsor June 4-9. Jack is changing school so we can work toward a better engagement.  Jack has a second option to work with Sacred Heart. 

Sacred Heart reading is Friday. Please contact Dale if you can read. 

Zoo trip is being planned for May. 

Monday, March 6, 2017