Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December Speaker Calendar

December 22nd: 

Taylor Wilson, UNMC Med Center
- He will talk about Ebola virus and other diseases that the Med Center deals with daily.  
December 29th:  

See you all for these excellent speakers!
Bill Spiecker


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Salvation Army Needs Bell Ringers!!

Vince Pille (Kiwanis - Greater Omaha),

On 12/06/2014, your kettle shift raised $336.77 for Salvation Army programs and services.
Every dollar you helped collect will fuel important services for individuals and families in crisis, through basic needs programs, disaster relief efforts, and so much more.  Visit to read about the help available in your community.

We hope you’ll consider another shift and share the idea of bell ringing with family and friends who are looking for volunteer opportunities.  You can sign up at our website at, or call us at 402-898-6000.

Thank you for your gift of time to The Salvation Army.
Merry Christmas and God bless you,

Gregory A. Kadrlik
Divisional Director of Volunteer Services
The Salvation Army of Omaha

Monday, December 15, 2014

Speaker: Home Buyer Protection

Pat has owned this company since 1980. This is the first home inspection company in Omaha.  

Home inspection protects the buyer and seller from unforeseen issues. The home inspection includes a list of systems in the home to give the buyer and seller knowledge of the property condition. 

Radon inspection is a major change to home inspection. A test can be run at anytime but only in a home sale does the seller have to mitigate the radon gas. 

Thanks Pat for the interesting information. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Caroling at the Kiwanis Club!!

Singing "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer ". 

Sacred Heart Kiwanis Lunch

Christmas lunch with the Sacred Heart 2nd Graders. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Bell Ringing Schedule

  1. Check out who is before and after your time. 
  2. Plan on time to park and walking to the door. 
  3. Be at your kettle 10 minutes before your shift. 
  4. Greet people - and thank them for their contribution. 

Happy ringing, Kiwanis! 

Speaker: FirstStar Fiber Recycling

FirstStar Fiber is the curb side recycler for Omaha and surrounding areas. Other recycled materials come from industrial and business waste. Omaha is around 20-25% range of recycling. Other areas get up around 50% with a few communities in the country getting to 80%. 

Participation is the most important factor. The "single stream" allows the consumer ease with a no sort philosophy. This extends to both business and residential. They also take certain industrial single stream waste mix. 

Lee educated the Kiwanis meeting on what items are recyclable. Cardboard and paper are the most recycled. Newspaper is run through a pulper to de-ink and create the pulp to make new newspaper for print. 

The newest area of recycling is food. There are programs coming to handle food waste. 

Glass is one of the few products not recycled. The cost becomes a negative cost factor. Glass can be dropped off at various locations including FirstStar, but not picked up curb side. 

Thanks Lee for all the information 

Kiwanis Notes

  • Next meeting is our Sacred Heart Holiday lunch. Anyone available to ride on the bus, let Dale know.
  • Sending thoughts to Lyle Sapp. He is still unable to attend our meeting. 
  • Bell Ringing reminder. All slots are filled but check with Vince about subbing. 
  • Kiwanis budget process is ongoing. If there is anything else to add to the 2015 budget, let Jerry know. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bell Ringing Schedule

My fellow Kiwanians,

If your name is on this list, thank you! We still have 3 spots to fill for our annual Salvation Army Bell ringing.


Happy Thanksgiving!

To all our fellow Kiwanians, have a happy and joyous Thanksgiving!